About BEKTV*

Digital TV
BEKTV’s Digital TV offers clearer picture along with many more options than Classic Cable TV.  Digital TV offers DVR (Digital Video Recorder) as well as the ability to pause/rewind live TV and many other options such as an on-screen guide and on-screen caller ID.  Also, with Digital TV, you have the option to subscribe to our many movie channels and/or our HD package!  Enjoy clear picture and sound, with an even faster channel change time.  
And now we’re even giving you the local HD channels for FREE**!


HD TV offers EVEN CLEARER picture!  It is clearer because it is broadcast at a substantially higher video resolution.  Our HD TV packages are add-on packages to our Select, Expanded or Variety Digital TV packages.  We are confident you will LOVE the clarity!


Classic Cable TV - Available in Linton, Wishek, Napoleon, Wilton & Steele Exchanges
Classic Cable is an analog BEKTV service that is delivered to your TV over the old-fashioned coax cable.  This TV service offers fewer channels at a lower price.  Because analog service is delivered over a coax cable, that means no set top box, no guide, DVR or on-screen caller ID.  Just plain old TV with your easy to use TV remote!


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*BEKTV not available in all areas. **HD service is available to customers on fiber.  Local HD channels FREE to one stream per household.