Freeview Sunday • Channel 97
See EVERY Touchdown From EVERY Game

On Sunday, September 11th is offering a
preview of NFL RedZone.

Tune in to channel 97 from noon until 6:15 p.m.  NFL RedZone will take you from game to game to see all the key moments, live as they happen on the field.  Every key play, interception, breakout run, goal line stand and touchdown.

We are very excited to offer this NFL RedZone Freeview promotion to our subscribers.  We hope that you take advantage of this great opportunity so that you can watch one of the most exciting products for football fans since the invention of instant replay.

If you like what you see on September 11th, call 1-888-475-2361 to subscribe to our Variety Package and get the NFL RedZone every week!

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