BEK Bulletin Board - Channel 22

BEK Bulletin Board


BEK Bulletin Board is BEKTV’s Community Channel. You can tune in to the following channels to view community announcements and events in your area:

• Channel 21 BEK Bulletin Board – Burleigh County
• Channel 22 BEK Bulletin Board – West Cooperative Area
• Channel 23 BEK Bulletin Board – East Cooperative Area
• Channel 24 BEK Bulletin Board – Barnes County

Additionally, this is BEK’s official channel for notifying customers about new channels, special promotions, changes to service, planned maintenance outages and unexpected outages or service issues.

To post an event or announcement to BEK Bulletin Board, please contact the community channel representative for your area listed below:

Community Contact Email


Baldwin Jennifer Herdebu 426-9324
Driscoll Thelma 387-4483
Hague Lisa Hulm 336-7256
Linton Sharon Jangula 254-4460
Napoleon Jordan Zenker 754-2475
Steele Mary Rohrich 269-0443
Strasburg Judy Pfeifer 336-7712
Valley City Keith Johs 475-1197
Wilton Paul Schauer 734-6605
Wing Cheryl Leyendecker 943-2341
Wishek Sue Wolff 452-2388
Other Community Events &
Job Openings
Paul Frank 475-1258