Conference Calling
(Commerical Only)

Whether you are conducting business meetings with other businesses or people outside your office you might want to consider using conference calling from BEK Communications! With Conference Calling you can save valuable time, share information with one call, and avoid travel expenses and poor driving conditions.

Conference Calling is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be setup by calling our business office or even through the Internet. It is easy to use and very affordable.

If you decide you want to utilize BEK’s Conference Calling, our knowledgeable employees will guide you with step by step instructions. After the initial setup call, you can use your user name and password to set up your own conference calls via the Internet. This allows you to input each person you want on the call and automatically sends an email to each attendee. The attendee’s email will list the date and time of the conference call, duration, conference call ID# and access numbers.

By utilizing the Internet and being the administrator of the conference call, you can visually see each attendee as they join the call. You will be able to change the volume on each attendee, mute each attendee, mute all attendees or you may allow just one person to speak. These are just some of the features of Conference Calling.

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