Rural Bismarck Voicemail Setup

To Set Up Your Voice Mail Message:

  1. Call BEK to have voice mail activated on your telephone account.
  2. If you have an answering machine, disconnect it.
  3. Dial *96 or 425-0996 from your home.
  4. When prompted, enter your password followed by the # key. (The first time you log into the system your password will be “0000”. It will then ask you to enter a new password.)
  5. Press 9 for the mailbox setup menu, Press 1 for greeting options, Press 4 to record your greeting, Record your greeting and then press #. Press 2 to keep your greeting. (See following page for prefix list of all BEK exchanges.)

To Retrieve Messages:

  1. When you hear a stutter dial tone after you pick up your receiver, you have an unplayed message.
  2. If dialing from your home phone, dial *96 or 425-0996. At the prompt put in your pass code followed by the “#” key. Your first new message may play immediately. If not press 1 to listen.
  3. If retrieving messages from a phone other than your home phone, you must dial 425-0996. Then, at prompt, dial:
    - Your mailbox number (home phone number) followed by the “#” key.
    - Enter your pass code followed by the “#” key.
  4. If you have call waiting, you may answer a second incoming call after hearing the call waiting tone or if you choose not to answer; it will go to voice mail.