Voice Mail 

Why should you choose Voice Mail?

  • For $4.95 per month, you will not miss another call!
  • There is no equipment to buy, no batteries or tapes to maintain.
  • You can receive messages when you are away from your phone AND when your phone is busy.
  • It is not affected by lightning storms or power surges. When the electricity goes out you do not loose your messages.
  • You can retrieve your messages from anywhere (toll-free in BEK Service area and Bismarck).
  • It is secure – requires a password to access messages.
  • You can have multiple boxes for multiple users (additional monthly charges apply).
  • Voice Mail Plus – for $5.95 per month. This new service has all the features of our regular Voice Mail, PLUS gives you advanced features such as retrieving your messages from the Internet and/or having them emailed to you.

Voice Mail allows a customer to receive up to 100 recorded messages, depending on the length of the message. Messages that are 30 days old will be deleted. If your Voice Mail box becomes full, the caller will hear a message that the mailbox is full and no messages can be recorded at this time.

Also Check Out Voice Mail Plus:
When you get a voice mail message, you will receive an Email from BEK Communications delivered right to your inbox. The message will have an attachment. Call the BEK office at 1-888-475-2361 for more information on Voice Mail Plus or to add this feature. There is an additional monthly fee.

How It Works:  When someone calls you and you are either on the phone or not answering the phone, the call is then forwarded to the Voice Mail System where it is answered by the Voice Mailbox. There is a greeting/message from you. The calling party waits for a “beep” and then begins to leave a message.

If there is a new message in your mailbox you will receive a stutter dial tone when you pick up the receiver. Some telephones may also provide a visual Message Waiting Indicator.

If you have call waiting, you may answer a second incoming call after hearing the call waiting tone or if you choose not to answer; it will go to voice mail.

Voice Mail Setup

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