Last Call Return

Last Call Return allows the subscriber to dial a code that will automatically tell you the telephone number of the most recent incoming call. If you want to redial the call press 1. The Last Call Return feature cannot be activated for telephone calls originating from a line that is forwarded or from a line not associated with a telephone number, e.g., multiline hunt group.

How to Use Last Call Return:

Lift the receiver and push *69 on your touchtone phone (1169 for rotary phones) and the number of the most recent caller will be heard. If you want to dial the number, press 1.

If the number dialed is busy, the telephone company's equipment will automatically make repeated attempts to establish the call for a thirty (30) minute period. Last Call Return will not work if the caller has blocked their number. Last Call Return will not work if the call was from an "unavailable" line (caller's carrier does not have SS7 equipment). This feature does not work on 800 numbers, 900 numbers or on lines where Call Forward or other call features have been activated.