Customer Originated Call Trace

Customer Originated Call Trace enables the subscriber to initiate a trace of an obscene, harassing or threatening call by dialing an activation code immediately after terminating the call. If a call trace is successful, the telephone company's equipment will record the telephone directory number, the date and the time of the call.

The results of the trace will NOT be provided to the subscriber directly. For further action to be taken, the subscriber is required to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Customer Originated Call Trace detail will be retained by the telephone company and made available for 10 business days after the call trace has been originated.

How to Use Customer Originated Call Trace:

Lift the receiver and push *57 on your touchtone phone (1157 for rotary phones) immediately after terminating call. Contact appropriate law enforcement agency to retrieve and process information from telephone company. There is a per use charge for this feature.