3-Way Calling

3-Way Calling allows the subscriber to add a third party to an existing call without operator assistance.

How to Use 3-Way Calling:

The first call may either be an incoming call or a call initiated by you; depress the switchhook for about one second. This will place the first call on hold. Listen for the dial tone. Then dial the next person. When that person answers, you may talk privately with this person before you make the call 3-way. To add this person to the 3-way call, depress the switchhook for about one second to add the person on hold. Your 3-way call is now underway. If for some reason the call to the last person is not completed or you decide not to add that person to the call, depress the switchhook twice to resume your conversation with the person on hold.
If either of the other two people hang up, you can continue to talk to the remaining one.

How to Disconnect Completely:

Simply hang up.

You are responsible for all long distance charges on calls that you initiate. To cancel Call Waiting before making your 3-way call, push *70 on your touchtone phone (1170) for rotary phone). You will hear three short tones followed by a dial tone. Place your call. Call Waiting will automatically be reinstated when you hang up. If you have the Speed Calling Feature, you may use your Speed Calling codes when you are setting up a 3-Way Call. May not work with key systems.