3-Way Call Transfer

3-Way Call Transfer allows the subscriber to add a third party to an existing call without operator assistance. With 3-Way Call Transfer, a subscriber can set up a 3-way call and then disconnect, allowing the remaining parties to continue the conversation.

How to Use 3-Way Call Transfer:

Dial the first number and wait for an answer, then depress the switchhook for about one second. This will place the first call on hold. Listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone. Dial the third party’s telephone number, wait for ringing, then do one of the following:

  1. Hang up.
  2. Wait for the third party to answer, advise of transfer, then hang up.
  3. Wait for the party to answer, advise of transfer, depress the switchhook for 3-way call, then hang up.

If third party is busy or does not answer, depress the switchhook twice to reconnect the first call.

If one party hangs up, a two-way call can continue. Calls transferred to a long distance number will be charged to the originating subscriber’s phone number.