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There are many ways to customize your basic telephone service. By using any combination of the following features, you will make your phone more friendly and you can avoid missing those important calls. Click on a feature name below for a description of how this service works to benefit you. For more information contact us.

3-Way Call Transfer

3-Way Calling

Anonymous Call Rejection

Call Forwarding - Busy Line

Call Forwarding - Don't Answer

Call Forwarding - Remote

Call Forwarding - Variable

Call Hold

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Caller ID Blocking

Customer Originated Call Trace

Distinctive Ringing

Do Not Disturb

Home Intercom (Revertive Call)

Hot Line

Last Call Return

Priority Ringing

Repeat Dialing

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Forwarding

Selective Call Rejection

Speed Call - 30

Speed Call - 8

Toll Restriction

Toll Restriction with PIN


Voice or Data Protection

Warm Line