BEK Fiber-to-the-Home

…BEK Fiber that is!

Just as dietary fiber is essential for a healthy diet, BEK Fiber is essential to the long-term viability of your home and lifestyle. Nothing is faster than a fiber-optic network, especially when it connects directly to your home.



Voice, Video & Data Communication at the Speed of Light  
That is why you need fiber-optics. It’s a unique technology that transmits data through hair-thin stands of glass fiber, using laser-generated pulses of light - and light travels faster than any other wave, 300,000 kilometers per second. The results are mind-boggling speed, almost no loss of quality over long distances and virtually unlimited capacity or “bandwidth.”

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BEK Fiber
With this complete fiber optic connection to your home, the BEK Fiber network doesn’t  have these limits. This opens the door for exciting possibilities, from unbelievably-fast Internet content and home shopping to highly efficient telecommuting, tele-medicine and audio/video at your fingertips. Fiber is also more reliable than other types of cable. It is less susceptible to inclement weather and easier to maintain.

Last but not least, fiber-optic technology keeps getting better, with no end in sight. So with
BEK Fiber, you’ll not only enjoy the fastest speeds and best online experience available anywhere, you’ll be “future-proofed” for the next big Internet tools and applications coming down the pipe. To date, only 15% of the homes in North America have Fiber. With BEK, you’ll have fiber to YOUR  home and be way ahead of the averages!

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