What is WildBlue?

WildBlue uses the latest satellite technology to deliver two-way high-speed affordable Internet to your home or small office, virtually anywhere you are located. All you need is a WildBlue modem and mini-dish.

WildBlue's service offers access speeds that are comparable to digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modem services. WildBlue's two-way wireless service provides high-speed data in both directions, upstream and downstream. Customers don't need an additional phone or cable line or the expense of a traditional dial-up ISP to receive broadband Internet access.

How does WildBlue work?

WildBlue’s proven state-of-the-art technology connects your home or small business computer to the Internet via our satellite using a WildBlue mini-dish and modem. It’s that simple.

The modem and dish will work with most PC and Macintosh computers manufactured within the last few years. A network card is required.

Who is eligible?

This is a solution we will use to reach any customer we can not currently reach with our traditional DSL offerings. You need to have a clear view of the southern sky and live in the continental United States to use this service. Usage is subject to WildBlue's Acceptable Use Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Fair Access Policy. These can be found here.

When will it be available?

BEK is now installing systems. Equipment availability and installer resources may limit the speed at which we can deploy WildBlue.

How does WildBlue connect to my computer?

You can connect to the WildBlue modem through an Ethernet connection, which does require an Ethernet card. Your computer will need to have 100 MB of hard drive space available.



  • Works with Mac (OS 9, OS 10.2 or higher) or Windows (98 SE or higher) operating systems.
  • Not recommended for Voice Over IP or real-time gaming.

The dish is about 30" across and is separate from any satellite dish that provides TV programming.



Select Pak - $69.95 per month

Download Speed Up to 1.0 Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 200 Kbps
10MB Web Space
125MB Email Space - you manage the size of each mailbox.

Pro Pak - $79.95

Download Speed Up to 1.5 Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 256 kbps
25MB Web Space
125MB Email Space - you manage the size of each mailbox.

Terms of service:

  • Spam and Virus Filtering included in all Packages.
  • Speeds are not guaranteed.
  • Download means receiving information from the Internet. Examples include receiving emails, viewing web pages, or listening to music from an online radio station.
  • Upload means sending information to the Internet. Examples are sending emails or posting personal web pages.
  • Installation fee starting at $349.
  • $10 per month equipment lease.
  • Professional install required.
  • Prices are subject to change and do not include taxes.
  • Is subject to a credit check and deposits may be required.
  • Two year service agreement required.



Can I get WildBlue service in a mobile vehicle like an RV or boat?

Not at this time. WildBlue service was designed for stationary locations like homes and small businesses. We do not offer broadband service for mobile vehicles at this time.

Can I use wireless home networking with WildBlue?

Yes. WildBlue is compatible with all major wireless home networking products.

Do customers need to have a phone line in addition to the satellite connection?

No. WildBlue offers an efficient 2-way broadband connection that requires no phone lines.

Do I need a southern line of sight to receive a signal from your satellite?

Yes. You will need a clear view of the southern sky to receive a signal from the WildBlue satellite.

What is the installation process like? Can I install my own dish?

WildBlue professional installers install equipment and activate WildBlue's broadband service at your chosen location. The satellite mini-dish is about 26 inches x 28 inches. A cable from the dish connects to a satellite modem (a small box usually placed next to the computer), which connects to your computer via an Ethernet connection. Installation requires a WildBlue certified installer to make sure that the dish is pointed at the satellite accurately and to verify that all connections are made properly. Self-installation is not offered.

How hard is it to use?

Not hard at all. Once we professionally install your WildBlue system, you are ready to surf the Internet at lightning fast speeds. You can use your same web-browser, go to the same sites, use your email, etc. just like you always have... but a lot faster!

Who do I call if I have a problem?

You just call the friendly customer care agents at WildBlue. We'll have a person you can talk to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer Care: 1-888-326-3017 (toll free)

How fast is this service? How does it compare to cable modems and DSL?

WildBlue's always-on broadband Internet connection provides a user experience similar to most DSL and cable modem services. We offer download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps - more than 30 times faster than today's dial-up speeds. We offer upload speeds up to 256 Kbps.

Can I get WildBlue from BEK if I’m not currently a BEK customer?

Yes, you do not need to be in the BEK telephone serving area. Depending on distance, you may be referred to an agent that is closer.



  • Service is subject to a credit check, and deposits may be required.
  • Prices are subject to change and do not include taxes.
  • Customer agreement requires a 24-month service commitment that is subject to early cancellation fees.
  • With satellite solutions there is some latency. This is not a solution for gaming and VoIP.
  • Non-standard installations are subject to additional charges. You will be provided an estimate prior to installation.
  • Customers must abide by the WildBlue Acceptable Use Policy and will be governed by the WildBlue Fair Access Policy.

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