Webmail allows you to access your e-mail accounts over the Internet, using a standard web browser. This assures that you can send and receive e-mail messages wherever Internet access is available. To access Webmail, enter your email address and password in the My BEKTEL Login to the left.

1. Are you having trouble logging into webmail (page is blank and does not seem to load)?

Delete Java Temp Files – go to windows Control Panel, double-click the Java Icon, under the Temporary Files section is a button to “delete files”. This clears the Java cache.

Delete Internet Files – Control Panel and/or IE, tools, then Internet options. On the general tab is a button to delete Temporary files. If you are running IE 7.0, it’s called browsing history, then delete temporary files.

Still getting a blank page? Simply press the "F5" button on your keyboard to refresh the screen.

2. It seems to take a long time to load the webmail screen. Why is it so slow?

The advanced webmail has tons of neat features that take a little longer to load. If you don’t want to use the additional features and just want basic email, we recommend that you log in using the basic webmail (this is also a better option for dialup internet users). On the log-in screen, click on “here”. When you are ready to explore the additional features just log in normally and start playing with the options!

3. How do I delete emails in webmail?

Simply click on the message to highlight it and then click on the garbage can. You can delete multiple messages at the same time by holding the “Ctrl” button as you click on the messages you want deleted. When you have highlighted all the messages you want to delete, click on the garbage can to delete.

4. I don’t like the message preview at the bottom of the screen. Can I change it to show only the list of email messages?

Yes you can! Click on the “Options” tab, then click on the “Mail” tab, then click on the checkmark behind the line that says “Always show the reading pane” and finally click on save. The next time you log in, the preview section will not show. You will need to double click each message to open it.

5. Do you want your name to appear differently when using webmail?

When sending email you can change the way your name appears in the from field by logging into your webmail account, click on the Options tab, click on the Mail Identities tab. Change what appears in the from field to what you would like to have appear when you send email.

Another great resource is the “Help” link on the top right of the webmail screen.

As always, if you have any questions or have experienced any other problems, be sure to contact us.