BEK Lightband Gigabyte Internet prices for Valley City, and rural Bismarck and Mandan.

*We are not currently able to offer service within the city limits of Bismarck and Mandan.


Download Speed
Upload Speed
Retail Price
250 Mbs 125 Mbs $65 to $95
500 Mbs 250 Mbs $85 to $115
One Gigabyte 500 Mbs $105 to $135








BEK WholeHome wireless includes a managed wireless router and any necessary wireless extenders

to ensure coverage throughout the living area of the home - these packages are leased at $9.99 per month.

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Early contract termination:

Early termination and/or contract failure fees apply when a customer disconnects and does not reconnect in a BEK served area; a minimum $149 fee is charged, free and/or promotional service months must be repaid and a the remaining contract months x monthly payment must be paid in full.


*Fiber Club Credits of up to $20 per month apply when taking multiple fiber-based services

such as BEK Watch cameras, BEK Protect security and automation services, and television and phone.

*Lightband prices may vary in other areas. Customers in the cooperative region pay

more for internet due to required government tariffs. We offset this by offering our

cooperative members up to $40 per month in Fiber Club Credits for internet and added services.

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