Wi-Fi doesn't have a valid IP configuration

Microsoft has reported that some Windows 10 users are experiencing “Wi-Fi doesn’t have valid IP configuration” error message.  This error message will prevent the user from connecting to the Internet.

This is a Microsoft issue and is not a problem with your router configuration or BEK Internet.  Microsoft suggest an update will be released in a few weeks and recommends the following temporary fix:

IP Configuration Fix – Release and Renew IP Address

1) Go to the Command Prompt “Start" > "Run” and type “cmd” (no quotes), then select “OK” or press Win+R on your keyboard to open it.

2) Type “ipconfig  /release” (no quotes) and press the “Enter” key

3) Once the prompt returns, type “ipconfig  /renew” (no quotes), then press the “Enter” key

4) Last, when the prompt returns, type “exit” (no quotes) and press the “Enter” key this will close the command prompt window and you should be able to connect to the Internet.