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The Importance of Rural Connections

The Internet connects us. It ties together families, entertainment, education, healthcare services, and more. Rural North Dakota relies on these connections perhaps even more than metropolitan areas. The problem is that outside city limits, high-speed internet and online resources are hard to come by, if not downright impossible.

But just because you’re rural doesn’t mean you’re second class. You deserve better.

BEK Communications was born from rural and small-town North Dakota. We understand connections, both personal and digital. Rural residents need quality access to the same online resources as anyone living under city lights. That’s why we invested more than a decade building the fastest internet service in the state.


About BEK Lightband and BEK Fiber

Lightband is BEK’s Gigabit Internet product, sold in three speeds. You can choose 250Mbs, 500Mbs, or the full Gigabit package. Most home users with only a few devices do fine at the 250Mbs speed. If you have multiple TV’s, game consoles, phones, and computers, a step up to the 500Mbs plan is advised. If you have all that plus security cameras and home automation devices, the top level service might be for you.

BEK’s Lightband Gigabit Internet runs on BEK Fiber, our fiber-optic network. To date, we’ve run over 7,000 miles of fiber to nearly 10,000 customers.

To connect you, we first pull the fiber optic cable connection directly from our central office to your home or business. Then we connect it to a BEK optical network terminal (ONT) on your premises. Finally, the ONT distributes signals to your connected devices, like routers, computers, televisions, phones, etc.

Our investment in BEK Fiber, our commitment to keep our technology up-to-date, and our passion for customer care is the reason BEK has the fastest, most reliable internet in North Dakota. In fact, when you compare our service speeds and prices to urban areas around the country, you’ll understand how rare it is to have affordable first-class broadband in rural and remote areas.


Broadband Comparisons – Local and Elsewhere

Latency differences.

  • Latency is the amount of time it takes to send a piece of information from one place to another. The lower the latency, the faster those pieces of information get from A to B. So, gamers rejoice! BEK Lightband keeps your download speeds high and your lag super low.

Speed differences.

  • Internet providers all over the country claim to have more speed than you need. Not true. Search for services in your area, and you’ll see everything from 20Mbs to 100Mbs. Those services might be satellite, cellular, DSL, or cable. None of them comes close to the network stability and baseline 250Mbs speed from BEK.

BEK Fiber vs. other fiber.

  • Speeds from other providers often start around 50Mbs and top out around 100-200Mbs. Those providers may not build for the present and future, as BEK does. They may not update their equipment at the same rate. Or they might throttle and cap connections. Whatever the reason, just know that not all fiber-optic services are equal.

Broadband Speed vs. Cellular Plans

  • Your cell phone data plan may give you a strict allowance each month. It could be 4gigs or 12gigs. Regardless of the allowance, heavy streaming can use up that data chunk in a day or two. The name BEK Lightband Gigabit Internet refers to the speed of the connection, not the data limit. You don’t have to ration on Lightband. Stream, surf, game, and research all day, every day.

Sharing, Caps, Throttles, etc.

  • Your BEK Lightband connection is entirely for you. You don’t have to share it with your neighborhood (sorry, cable subscribers!). You don’t see a slowdown when the local tower is inundated with traffic. On BEK Lightband, you get all of your connection dedicated to your devices, all the time.


We built BEK Fiber for you to use, and we mean it. We will not throttle or cap your data usage, ever!


Ask us about BEK WholeHome Wi-Fi  - Complete Coverage, Effortless Connections


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