BEK Watch is a cloud-based and web-powered surveillance solution for monitoring your business and personal property. Keep track of ongoing activity in real-time and search video history for past events. Do all this remotely with only a web client or smartphone app.

Web-powered means you can monitor your property from almost anywhere. Simply install the relevant software. Within moments, you can check and run your cameras over the internet through a secure connection. You also have access to your entire video history.

Cloud-based means your data is housed in a high-security data center away from hackers and other digital trespassers. You still retain full control over your information. The amount of surveillance history you retain, and how long you retain it, is entirely up to you.

Although the product is built on web and cloud technology, all sales, installations, and maintenance are done by BEK employees. You always get the fast, friendly, local service you expect from BEK Communications.

A few of the places BEK Watch surveillance is useful:

  • Small and large businesses
  • Restaurants and stores
  • Farm and shop property
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Home and vacation properties
  • School and day care facilities
  • Government buildings


BEK Watch is all about the choices you make to monitor your property. We don’t offer pre-defined packages. And if you don’t want to buy cameras outright, we offer attractive leasing options. Every solution is tailored to the spaces and needs of the customer.

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