Who We Are

BEK Sports announces quality local programming including LIVE high school sporting events.  BEK Sports has recently expanded from one network to three.  click here to find out more about BEK Sports' affiliates and where you can watch BEK Sports LIVE!

Meet the BEK Sports Crew:

Jordan HasslerJordan Hassler

In June 2006, BEK offered Minot, N.D. native Jordan Hassler a unique challenge.  This was the beginning of Jordan’s journey into unchartered waters.  At that time, BEKTV was in its infancy and BEK Boadcasting, the division Jordan would be responsible for, was just appearing on the horizon.  BEK Communications was buzzing with activity in preparation of delivering digital TV to its members.  Offering local content is what set BEK apart from its competitors, and Jordan Hassler’s role was to see that this content was delivered.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Mary and a background in Color Commentator, Jordan was up for the challenge.

Now, as Broadcast Operations Manager for BEK Sports Network, Jordan continues to “live’ his dream” overseeing operational duties, scheduling, training, purchasing equipment, implementing the expansion of BEK Sports to include BEK Sports Central and BEK Sports West and supervising his staff of three.  The focus of BEK Sports Network is to spread out games across the territory of eight communications companies showcasing the areas athletes as well as those students and people of the region assisting in the broadcasts.

BEK Sports not only delivers local content, it focuses on educating a team to fill the spots of broadcasting an event.  From the beginning, Jordan has been instrumental in providing the team step by step instruction in camera operations, audio, instant replay, graphics and commentary.  Jordan loves being in front of the camera himself and he loves calling and directing games.  He knows the product he wants delivered and he shares his knowledge with those assisting.

“I think the best part of working with the students, area individuals and non-profit groups is getting to see the look on their faces when they do a good job,” says Jordan.  “Working with such a diverse group of people is great.  The ones who really enjoy it, just light up when they get a chance to play with the technology.”

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Nick HulbergNick Hulberg

The 2009 game plan for BEK Sports has changed course from the ’08 plan.  BEK Sports is expanding to include two additional networks.  With that expansion, comes Nick Hulberg.

Nick was hired June 8, 2009 as Broadcast Director for BEK Sports West.  He oversees all aspects of the live game broadcast including production and play by play for broadcasts in the Reservation Telephone, Midstate Telephone Company and SRT Communications service areas.   Nick also works with the BEK advertising and sales department in corporate partnership for the “west” region.  Nick is headquartered in Parshall, North Dakota.

Quite simply, Nick is a broadcast person.  He loves sports, loves to talk sports and he’ll share the game with anyone who will listen. He spent four seasons with the Bismarck Bobcats Jr. Hockey program as Director of Broadcasting and then he headed east.  He recently returned to North Dakota after spending a year in Elmira, New York working as the Director of Broadcasting for the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL, a professional hockey league.

BEK Sports Network is about to take on a new journey and Minot native Nick Hulberg is taking the helm for the West division.  He has studied the course of BEK Sports from its humble beginnings and he is excited for the challenges and rewards ahead of him.

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Scott Loerch

Sometimes parents have a tremendous influence on their children’s walk in life.  Case in point – Scott Loerch begins a new career path with BEK Sports to realize his passion for sports and broadcasting.  He credits his interests to his father Roger, who is in the N.D. Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame for coaching and in the N.D. Wrestling Hall of Fame for broadcasting.

Scott joined BEK Sports July 1, 2010 as Live Event Director for the Central area of BEK Sports Network.  This means that Scott will be one of the local BEK Sports talents in the BEK Communications service area at local high school sporting events.  Among other things, Scott has been a free lance videographer since 1993 doing a wide range of free lance work including wedding videography and working with the “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS, the “PBR” for Versus Network and also work with NBA TV.   For nine years, he was an editor for KNDX FOX 26 and also became the Production Director for KNDX in 2005.

Scott knows about North Dakota high school sports from attending Harvey High School.  He knows about big sports rivalry from attending the University of North Dakota, home of the UND Fighting Sioux.  He also knows about communications and broadcasting from attending the Bailie School of Broadcasting in Seattle, WA.  He brings this knowledge and experience to the BEK Sports staff and he is anxious to work along side the youth in our area to produce top notch shows for the BEK Sports audiences.

If you ask Scott what brings him to BEK Sports, he will say, “I am very excited about the growth of BEK Sports and I love the opportunity to be involved in live sports action.”  Based on past years’ performances, our local high school teams, fans and BEK Sports crews will give Scott what he needs to help produce quality TV sports action.

Scott is from Bismarck.  This summer, as time allows, he has been trying to master the game of golf and when winter comes, he will be following the UND Fighting Sioux Hockey team’s progress.  In the past, Scott has served on various civic boards.  He’s been a volunteer firefighter, president of the Harvey Chamber of Commerce and president of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  His focus now is the upcoming BEK Sports fall season; let’s show him what we’ve got!

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Ryan Camden

Ryan Camden also joins BEK Sports for the Central region as Broadcast Director/Play-by-Play.  He will assist in bringing the region the best in high school sports coverage.  Whether he’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Ryan plans to capture the emotion and passion of the game and relaying that to the viewer.  He wants to impress you because he knows how important the various events and games BEK broadcasts are to its communities.  The local high school sports arena is now his new playground.

Graduating Cum Laude and fresh from Ball State University, Ryan has won some impressive competitions.  He finished 2nd in the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters 2010 College Competition for his radio coverage of the Ball State Football team and he is Emmy-nominated for his work on a live weekly, sports show.

Ryan began work July 19, 2010 to be a part of the BEK Sports team; a team that he sees as growing and expanding in the right directions.

We suspect that you’re not going to miss anything in a broadcast with this guy’s input because he shamelessly announced, “I LOVE sports.  I could argue sports for days!”  So to get the talk started, let’s just fill you in on a little secret:  Ryan is a die hard Indianapolis Colts fan and an avid follower of Peyton Manning.

From Muncie, Indiana to his new home in North Dakota, Ryan will have many opportunities to explore some of his off duty interests as well, like reading (you’ll have all winter to do this Ryan) and scuba diving (Ryan, we’ve got some lakes getting bigger by the day, so check them out and have fun!)

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