Step 1: From a web browser, signup for a SkitterTV account.

Step 2: Proceed through billing and submit payment information. 

Step 3: You will receive an email with your registration information. (You will need this information available to activate your SkitterTV account later.)

Step 4: From a web browser, log into your ROKU account.


NOTE: You will need a ROKU streaming device connect to your TV and access to your ROKU online account.

Click for ROKU Setup Instructions


Step 5: From the "My Account" screen choose "Add a Channel"

Step 6: Enter "SkitterTV" as the "Channel access code" and click "Add Channel" The SkitterTV is now loaded on your Roku device. You will need to updated your device to see the SkitterTV channel.

Step 7: With the Roku remote, from the Roku "Home Screen" arrow down to "Settings" press "OK"

Step 8: Arrow down to "System" press 'OK"

Step 9: Arrow down to "System Update" press "OK" select "Check Now" if necessary the Roku will update and restart.

Step 10: From the Roku "Home Screen" arrow to the "SkitterTV" application and press "OK" on your Roku remote. 

Step 11: Enter your SkitterTV "Account ID" and "Account Pin" from the email you received when you registered for SkitterTV.

Step 12: Enjoy your BEK Broadcasting Network channels.

       BEK Prime, Prime Time North Dakota content delivered daily.

       BEK 247, North Dakota events happening 24 hours a day seven days a week.

       BEK Extra, Local happenings throughout North Dakota

       BEK Weather, North Dakota weather radar.

       BEK Livestock, Weekly livestock auctions.