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Hosted Business Communications with Unmatched Service Quality

Budgeting for business phones is daunting: Hardware costs, maintenance contracts, equipment depreciation, possible technical staff. And that doesn’t include the planning for after-hours coverage, remote workers, and other employees on-the-go.  

If you’re a traditional brick and mortar business, you just want reasonable and reliable. If you’re more of a distributed team with a limited physical footprint, scalable and flexible might be your priorities. If you’re an enterprise, you want all of the above.

So how do you make your communication simpler and less expensive? Choose BEK Connect.

BEK Connect is a cloud-based business communications solution that pairs exceptional service quality with a reliable, scalable, and feature-rich infrastructure. Get the reasonable, reliable, scalable, and flexible all in one package. And you don’t have to purchase a single piece of hardware. Subscribe to BEK Connect, and we’ll supply all the equipment, phones, maintenance, and training you need.

BEK Connect is locally hosted, too. The servers reside in Steele, North Dakota. All the products are sold, installed, and maintained by BEK employees. Every time you contact us, you’ll get friendly, fast, local service you expect from BEK Communications.


How does BEK Connect help me?

Timely, effective communication has never been more important. BEK Connect gives your employees flexibility and accessibility all in one package.

  • Transfer calls anywhere, including cell phones and remote office locations
  • Free your employees to work remotely without fear of missed or undeliverable calls
  • All the cordless phone and wireless headset options you need for mobility
  • Get detailed billing and time management tracking

BEK Connect keeps you and your employees productive in today’s fast-moving markets.


What about my customers?

Connecting you and the people you serve is the heart of BEK Connect. We help you provide the top-notch service your customers know and expect.

  • Voicemail messages delivered to email as an audio attachment
  • Include BEK Anywhere smartphone integration, allowing people to stay in touch when needed
  • Incoming callers never get a busy signal
  • Auto Attendant for after-hours messaging

Take advantage of features that keep your business reachable, even when you aren’t on premises.  


Is BEK Connect Affordable?

Having modern business phones shouldn’t require a hefty capital investment. For many organizations, the days of purchasing hardware, I.T. personnel, and costly maintenance contracts are gone.

With BEK Connect, you can skip the massive one-time investment. Fold all your communications into lower, monthly operational expenses.

Think of it as a subscription to:

  • Hardware that is never obsolete
  • Services that are always online and up-to-date
  • Technicians who are always trained and ready
  • Consultants who are always friendly and knowledgeable

BEK Connect supplies everything you need, with no upfront costs. We don’t charge extra for platform maintenance, upgrades, or routine service. Add or remove phones at any time, without penalties. Choose the features that best suit your business.

Bottom line: You only pay for what you use.

Your business deserves dependable, professional-level communications at a reasonable price. A solution that keeps you in contact with your employees and customers.

Subscribe to BEK Connect and enjoy the most reliable, affordable, and local business communications solution.


For questions about Connect or any support requests, email us at or call 701-255-2032.

BEK Connect Portal Login Page