Corey's Corner 12/14

Posted 12/14/16 (Wed)

        As a broadcaster, doubleheaders are weird. They’re even weirder when they’re done in basketball and it’s actually two different teams. You settle in for the roller coaster that is a sporting event, and you go along for the ride. Then when it’s over you never get out off, you just go on the ride all over again. No fast pass necessary. It is fun though, and we have had a whole bunch of doubleheaders already this year here on BEK.
        The entirety of this look back takes place in the capital city of Bismarck. We start out with a matchup between the Wayne State Wildcats and the University of Mary Marauders. We had a fun womens game and you can see the results of that in Brian’s Monday Morning Rewind. So fast forward to the mens side of things for an incredibly competitive game. The Wildcats were led by Coach Jeff Kaminsky, a name familiar to anyone who followed the Valley City State Vikings. He was the head man there for a long time before making the move to Nebraska. UMary meanwhile is in the 2nd year under head coach Joe Kittell. They had a great group of seniors last year (including the national Slam Dunk Champion Devan Douglas.) Now, they turned to Bryan Jefferson in a big way. He was an all-conference player a year ago, but now he’d be asked to take on a much more prominent role. Early on though, it was all Wildcats. They went on an 8-0 run in the very early stages, and Jefferson was ready to answer the call. He scored eight straight points by himself for the Marauders, and then saw Rickey Suggs get involved in a big way. It was a back-and-forth affair after that. But it was those two guys who would lead the way for UMary, and they’d do so in winning fashion. 
        For the Wildcats, Kendall Jacks was amazing. He continued to make plays throughout the course of the game to keep the Wildcats in it. He and four other Wildcats found themselves with double digit points. But Jefferson and Suggs were overwhelming. Each had a big dunk as well to energize their benches. The Marauders came out on a 12-4 run to open up the second half, and that quick start would prove to be the difference maker. They overcame the slow first few minutes and got the W. 
        We stay in Bismarck for a trip to the Karlgaard Gymnasium at Bismarck High. The Demons were playing host to the James town Blue Jays in another doubleheader, and so we start with the girls matchup. Unlike the two teams we’ll see in a bit, these two squads had a great deal of returning experience. And that was on display right away, as both teams  looked great (especially offensively) early on. Courtney Peterson racked up 11 points in the first half, and Genna Bruns had eight for the Jays. The Bismarck scoring was a bit more spread out in the opening stanza, led by Coral Gillette with eight. Lexi Kerzman was a difference maker though, especially down low. Her size and physicality changed the tenor of the game, and that was even more evident in the second half. 
        Kerzman entered into double digit rebounding in the second verse, and Michaela Casey and Cara Haussler went absolutely crazy for Bismarck. Haussler hit double-digits in the second half alone, and Casey wasn’t far behind. The BHS press also really started to get to Jamestown, as they were able to turn over the Jays. Although credit Jamestown, after a turnover plagued game to open the year they did corral that for the most part. Emily Reiten lead them in the second half, but it wouldn’t be enough. Bismarck got the opening win the double bill 62-52. Senior Ashley Davis was honored after the game for going over 1,000 career points. She picked up another nine in this one in a well-balanced effort. 
        Next we head over to the boys side. Each of these teams saw a great senior class depart last year, and are now trying to answer questions about what their identity will be this year. For the Demons, that starts with two of their key guys in Joe Jahner and Ian Schafer. Coach Wilhelm knows those two guys are going to be asked to take a huge role. And Schafer answered the bell. He had 18 first half points. It was insane. Everything he put up seemed to go down. Solomon Garter also kept the trend alive for Bismarck for great rebounding on the day, as he would finish just one shy of a double-double. He also provided some serious interior defense. Bismarck started out on a 10 run, but the Jays answered back. Beau Waldock racked up double digits in the first half, and he was a big part of the JTown response. As was John Horgan, who would finish the day with 22. It went back-and-forth in those middle stages, and then Bismarck and Shafer got too hot. Jahner played well as well, and the Demons multi-pronged offense proved to be too much. Sullivan, Doppler, Madler, Siverson, Davis, Just. Too many weapons for Bismarck in this one for Jamesotn, and they got the doubleheader sweep as the roller coaster pulled into the station for the final time in this recap.