Monday Morning Rewind

Posted 10/25/16 (Tue)

October 18th, 2016 UMary vs. MSU:  On September 20th the Marauders and Beavers squared off in Bismarck at the MAC for the first time this year.  After an extended first set win, 31-29, UMary cruised to a three set sweep.  Almost a month later the two teams met for the second time.  In another close opener the Beavers battled to win 25-20.  The young MSU team was clearly fired up to hold a 1-0 lead on their home floor, but the emotion would not last long.  The veteran Marauders roared back with a convincing second set win 25-12, and proceeded to take three and four 25-18 and 25-19.  As UMary swept the second match of the year it was clear to see the growth of the club and that despite their lackluster record, they are clearly headed in the right direction.

October 19th, 2016 Beulah vs. Watford City: I’ve been looking forward to seeing Dooley Ball for a while.  I’d heard the legends and can now say I’ve seen it, and seen it work, in person.  The final score of this game was 34-8, Beulah.  Those numbers might suggest a four quarter steamrolling, but that was simply not the case.  In fact, one play flipped the script.  It was 14-0 Beulah with eight second left in half one.  The Wolves had put together their second impressive drive of the game and were on the Miners nine-yard line threatening to make it a one score game.  They took three straight shots to the end zone, every one of which fell incomplete.  On fourth and goal a must-throw ball was intercepted by Tyrel Mellmer.  The big linebacker started making his way toward the sideline surrounded by blockers but the Wolves got to the ball and started to take him to the turf.  At the last minute he flipped the ball (ill-advised play 90% of the time but boy, did it work here) towards DB/RB Mikey Morris who completed the longer leg of the 96-yard pick six.  All of a sudden it was 20-0 and the game belonged to Beulah.  The most impressive aspect of the Miner offense is their ability to eat clock.  When they protect the football they can compete with absolutely anybody they play. 

October 22, 2016 Wyndmere-Lidgerwood vs. Shiloh Christian:  Before kickoff when I talked to coach Scott Strenge he told me to be ready for anything.  He wasn’t kidding.  Entering as underdogs and playing with some bumped and bruised stars the Warbirds opened up the playbook and maybe even added a few chapters.  It worked, to the tune of a 27-12 halftime lead.  We saw end arounds turned hail mary’s go for six.  We saw flea flickers incorporating wide receivers go for six points.  We saw it all.  At the end of the half Wyndmere-Lidgerwood had three passing touchdowns, zero of which had been thrown by their starting QB.  As far as Shiloh Christians offense in the first half, they looked good, not great, but had hardly spent any time on the field thanks to the Warbird’s drives and an onside kick recovery.  On the last play of the half Nick Pfaff was stuffed at the goal line by Charlie Moffett and it seemed as if it was just the Warbird’s day.  However, the Skyhawk coaching staff is to be creditied for saying all the right things to their players and making all the right adjustments in half two because a totally new team rolled out on the field.  Maybe it was just a matter of shaking off those cobwebs acquired during the first round bye, but Shiloh came out and absolutely owned the game in quarters three and four.  Canaan Fagerland found his second gear and led the attack that amassed 34 second half points on the way to a 46-41 win.  Shiloh Christian will take on the Hankinson Pirates this Saturday at two, and you can catch it on your home for ND sports, BEK Prime.

October 22, 2016: Concordia St. Paul vs. UMary:  I didn’t get long to recover from the wild football game.  At the conclusion I took a couple of breaths, grabbed a quesarito at Taco Bell and drove to the top of the hill to see the Marauders take on the third ranked Golden Bears.  Much like MSU did versus UMary in their first matchup, the Marauders had some extra juice in set one going up against the favorites.  Concordia hung on by the skin of their teeth to win 25-23 and much like the previous scenario, cruised comfortably in sets two and three to complete the sweep of the Marauders.