Monday Morning Rewind

Posted 10/12/15 (Mon)

As the regular season comes to an end games become more intense and more meaningful.  Teams have hit their stride and are playing at their highest level, and playoffs looming ahead add to the excitement and importance of each matchup.

The Oakes Tornadoes hosted the Lisbon Broncos on Tuesday.  It was a battle of teams who currently sit towards the middle of their region’s standings, but believe they have a chance to compete, and beat, anyone they come across in postseason play.

The home team came out with force and took the first set 25-15.  While Lisbon had some flashes of excellence on the attack, Oakes looked to be the better team early.  But the second set was a different story.  As easily as the Tornadoes won set one, the Broncos took set two 25-16.  The third and fourth went to Oakes (25-19/25-14) and they walked away with a 3-1 win. 

It’s rare to see each team dominate a set in a match.  Oakes looked like the better team overall, but it is easy to see why both squads think they can compete against anyone when they bring their ‘A’ game.

This week we travel to Steele on Tuesday for South Border v. Kidder County and Linton on Thursday for Ellendale-Edgely-Kulm v. Linton HMB.  Friday we’re in Oakes for a Class A-Region 1 matchup between Oakes and Ellendale-Edgely-Kulm that has serious playoff implications.  Win and in. Both teams are currently tied for third place in their region, so it all comes down to Friday’s regular season finale.

Make sure to tune into to the BEK Sports Network for all the matchups and check back in Wednesday for Corey Brooks’ commentary on the rest of last week’s games and more.