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BEK's new website offers easy navigation to explore what's new in Phone, Internet and TV.

  • Clicking on the BEK Sports icon takes you directly into BEK Sports action pages.
  • Hovering over the topic’s on the left will show you several links to search.
  • The big scrolling marquee in the middle of the website page will show you Phone, Internet and TV promotions, changes and improvements, what’s new, community news and more.

BEK’s new website is more user friendly!  Check out our exciting new features:

NEW Classifieds: We are very excited to announce a partnership with BisManOnline. You can now view and post classified ads on the BisManOnline classifieds just within the BEK area, or throughout BisManOnlines’s classifieds! You’ll get the ease of use and security of an online classifieds company you can trust.


NEW Online Directory Search: With Pinnacle Publishing’s new online search option,, you can find the local business you’re looking for online as well as in the print telephone directory. You can search local business and residential listings for relevant results. There are enhanced options such as ads, photos, videos  and moreall on Pinnacle’s friendly site. Just go to and click on the online directory link.