Pay Your Way: Easy, Fast and Convenient!

If you're ready to go paperless, we can help. Going green is safe, secure, and saves you money.



Log into SmartHub to save postage and time by setting up autopay. You even can check your BEK bills, services, and internet usage online, all in one application.


Autopay by Credit Card or Bank

Download the application below to set up autopay directly from your credit card, savings account, or checking account. It's automatically deducted on the second business day of each month for debit and credit cards, and for bank accounts you'll see the deduction around the 20th of each month.


Call Toll-Free 844.252.5273

Call in each month to pay by credit card using BEK's pay-by-phone system. Have your credit card and BEK account numbers ready.


CLICK HERE to download the autopay application. Call us at 888.475.2361 when you are ready to sign up and we'll help you through the process.


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