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Local Organizations Receive Grants

Posted 3/01/10 (Mon)

In January, the Board of Directors of BEK Communications Cooperative awarded nine grants totaling $3750 under the Common Cents Community Grant Program to the following local organizations: 

Harry L. Petrie Public Library - $250 that will be used towards the purchase of a television to use for after school educational programming.

Logan County Interagency - $300 to be used for the American Red Cross Babysitting Training Course.


City of Wing -$500 that will be applied to their fund raising to use towards park updates including restrooms and playground equipment.


The Tuttle Senior Center - $300 to use towards the purchase of 24 padded folding chairs. 


Active Senior Club of Steele - $200 to help defray expenses for painting the Senior Center.


Napoleon Golden Age Club - $200 grant to use towards special assessments.


BEK’s mission and long term goals are not only to provide state-of-the art, quality communications services, but to enhance the quality of life in the communities it serves.  Based on these values, the following organizations also received grants for their particular addressed needs:


The Kidder County Community of Care is a nonprofit organization under the auspices of  Kidder County Senior Services.  The purpose of the Community of Care program is to develop a centralized resource center for the senior citizens of Kidder County.  Their goal is to ensure that Kidder County’s elderly have access to the home, health and social  services essential to their well-being and safety while allowing them to stay in their homes longer.  Under the Common Cents Grant program, the BEK Board of Directors has awarded the Kidder County Community of Care a laptop and printer to be used for record  keeping, data collection, grant writing and communications to assure that the Community of Care program is successful and that the goals of the program are reached.


The Wishek Baseball Boosters have been asked to host the Babe Ruth State Baseball             Tournament in Wishek July 29 through August 3, 2010.  This tournament will draw many people to Wishek.  In order to host such an event, funds are needed for updates to the   baseball facility as well as general funding for various tournament needs.  The BEK Board of Directors has granted $500 to the Wishek Baseball Boosters for this community event project.


The Sports Complex in Strasburg is the pride of the community.  The Strasburg Park Expansion Board is seeking funding to purchase some new tables for the park facility to accommodate the public at summer and fall sporting events.  A grant of $500 has been awarded to the Strasburg Park Expansion Board from BEK Communications Cooperative   to use towards this project. 


Specifically, BEK’s Common Cents Community Grant Program supports:  Community Outreach which includes support for those services, activities and events that contribute to the economic viability, health or safety, or general well-being of those residing in the community; and Economic Development which includes support for communities in their Common Cents Grants Awarded to Local Organizations effort to create new jobs, retain businesses, and to provide incentives for prospective or newly developing industries.


 Tax-exempt, nonprofit, community organizations or groups in BEK’s serving area are eligible to apply for the Common Cents Grant Program.  Applications may be obtained by contacting BEK at 1-888-475-2361 or by downloading at  Common Cents Grant applications are due by January 15 and July 15 of each year.


BEK Communications, a leader in residential communications services and business solutions, is committed to delivering cutting-edge, advanced services and technologies to its customers.  


BEK’s reputation of being a market leader is demonstrated by the early adoption of high-speed Internet technology with nearly 100% of BEK’s lines being broadband capable.  BEK was first in the state to deploy fiber to the home in rural areas and one of the first in the state to offer Digital TV.  BEK has the vision to plan for future services such as the acquisition of wireless licenses and by expanding its technological network and digital voice solutions to the business market in the upper Midwest. 


BEK Communications has been providing innovative technologies and highly responsive local support to its membership in Burleigh, Emmons, Kidder, Logan, McLean and McIntosh counties since 1952.