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Local Communities Receive Grant Money

Posted 8/26/11 (Fri)

Look around your community. Do you see the improvements and services made available through the acts of local organizations and volunteers? A lot of the time put in by volunteers is used to find funding for much needed projects. BEK Communications Cooperative recognizes these volunteers and has awarded the following Common Cents grants to its local communities for current and upcoming projects. 

Wing Rural Ambulance has been serving northeastern Burleigh County and western Kidder County since 1973. Their current ambulance vehicle is over 20 years old and needs to be replaced. BEK Communications has awarded $1000 to the Wing Rural Ambulance to sustain their Basic Life Support Unit with their $100,000 goal of purchasing a new ambulance.
Wilton Fire Protection District is in need of tools to help repair equipment and vehicles. They also need to purchase safety equipment and bunker gear. BEK Communications awarded $500 to their organization to help with their fundraising goal for these purchases.
Kidder County Ambulance is reliant on pulse oximeters. A pulse oximeter is a diagnostic tool used in the field in pre-hospital emergencies and may help improve a patient’s outcome when a dropped oxygen level is detected and treated quickly. $500 was awarded to the Kidder County Ambulance from BEK Communications to use towards their goal of purchasing eight additional pulse oximeters for their First Responders.
Other organizations receiving Common Cents Grants:
Angel Air Care - $500 towards flight suits to prevent burns. 
Hazelton Historical Society - $200 to use for various repairs including the chimney, windows and doors. 
Kidder County Community Health Center - $500 towards a computer interface for electronic records. 
Lehr Fire Department - $200 for department expenses. 
Logan County Interagency - $150 to use towards a babysitter training course. 
Napoleon Park Board - $100 to help towards the purchase of 10 picnic tables for the Napoleon Park. 
Regan Community Center - $250 to use towards a propane heater for the Regan school gym which is being used for community events. 
Robinson Senior Center - $200 to use towards a 3-tub sink. 
Zeeland Elementary School - $250 towards a playground slide.
BEK Communications Cooperative believes that supporting community projects and organizations in the towns throughout its service area is just common sense. The Board of Directors developed a community grant program in 2004 as a means to provide support through a structured program designed to meet the current and future needs of our communities through Community Outreach and Economic Development. To date, BEK has donated more than $63,000 through its Common Cents Grant program.
Common Cents grants are awarded twice a year in January and July.
BEK Communications, a leader in residential communications services and business solutions, is committed to delivering cutting-edge, advanced services and technologies to its customers. 
BEK’s reputation of being a market leader is demonstrated by the early adoption of high-speed Internet technology with nearly 100% of BEK’s lines being broadband capable. BEK was first in the state to deploy fiber to the home in rural areas and will be one of the first in the state to offer IP TV. BEK has the vision to plan for future services such as the acquisition of wireless licenses and by expanding its technological network and digital voice solutions to the business market in the upper Midwest.
BEK Communications has been providing innovative technologies and highly responsive local support to its membership in Burleigh, Emmons, Kidder, Logan, McLean and McIntosh counties since 1952.