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Linton-area Flood Victim Donation Drive Successful

Posted 5/12/09 (Tue)

In support of the flood victims of Linton and the surrounding region, BEK Communications of Steele, N.D. set a goal to team up with area businesses and individuals who wanted to help the people of Linton.  Their purpose was to collect donations that the Linton area residents could use upon returning to their homes or alternate living quarters. 

BEK’s goal was accomplished on April 24 and 25, 2009 as people wanting to help the flood victims of Linton loaded their cars and pickups with electronics, small appliances, furniture and various household furnishings to deliver to one of two designated drop off locations, the Kmart parking lot in Bismarck and BEK Communications headquarters in Steele.  Monetary donations were also accepted for Emmons County Flood Services. 

The outpouring of generosity was evident as volunteers filled three Jobbers Moving and Storage semis to capacity in Bismarck as well as one Old Dominion Freight Lines truck in Steele.  The four trucks delivered the donated goods to Linton on Monday, April 27th where BEK employees and volunteers were standing by to unload.  Emmons County Social Services arranged for a vacant facility located on the corner of Sampson and S. Milwaukee Ave to unload the donated items.  The future site of the Linton Senior Center building has been serving as a temporary dispersion center.  The social services office has been overseeing disbursement of the donated items.  Several people were able to pick out needed items upon delivery, freeing up some space in the building as workers continued to unload the trucks.  Every available space was used as the furniture quickly filled the gaps.   Emmons County Social Worker, Michelle Masset says, “The donation drive has gone really well.  The Linton people are very thankful to all the people who gave such nice items and were so generous.” 

Michelle reports that since most people have picked up the items they needed in the last two weeks, the dispersion center will close Saturday, May 9, 2009.  Additionally, over $2300 has been collected from this donation drive for Emmons County Flood Services, including a very precious gift from a young boy…his blue piggy bank filled with the money he had been saving. 

 “We were extremely pleased at the response to this donation drive,” says Jen Raab,     Marketing Supervisor for BEK Communications.  “We are very grateful to everyone who took the time to drop off their donations.  A huge thank-you is also owed from BEK Communications to the following businesses for promoting and supporting this donation drive:”

         Afternoon Live (David Crothers)
         Ashley Tribune
         Bismarck Kmart
         Clear Channel Radio
         Cumulus Broadcasting
         Dakota Media Access
         Emmons County Record
         Jobbers Moving and Storage
         KFYR – NBC
         KNDX – FOX
         KSJB Radio
         KXMB – CBS
         Linton High School Students
         Midcontinent Communications
         Napoleon Homestead
         News and Views (Joel Heitkamp)
         North Dakota Army National Guard
         Old Dominion Freight Lines
         Pizza Hut – North Bismarck   
         Prairie Public Radio
         Prairie Public Television
         Simonson’s Station – North Bismarck
         Steele Ozone and Kidder County Press
         URL Radio
         Wishek Star

BEK Communications will continue to accept monetary donations on behalf of the Linton flood victims through June of 2009.  Checks may be made out to “Emmons County Flood Services” and mailed to the following address:

BEK Communications
Attn:  Linton Flood Help
PO Box 230
Steele, ND  58482