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Donating to Local Communities is Just Common Cents

Posted 3/05/12 (Mon)

Investing in your local communities is important.  Many volunteers donate their time and skills to repair, improve and provide needed services to the communities in which they reside in or share a connection with work or school.  For the past eight years, BEK Communications Cooperative has donated more than $65,000 to approximately 108 different organizations to improve their economic development or outreach programs.

Here are the latest contributions made by BEK Communications Cooperative through its Common Cents Grant program:

Kidder Emmons Senior Services (KESS) serves hot nutritious meals at their center for seniors of Kidder and Emmons counties.  They promote good health, provide education and strive to preserve independence.  Their volunteers deliver daily home cooked meals.  BEK Communications has awarded $300 to KESS for their fundraising efforts to purchase a new range.

Kidder County Sheriff’s Department has been granted $500 from BEK Communications to use towards the purchase of two ballistic vests.   In the line of duty to “protect and serve,” local law enforcement personnel may be faced with unexpected dangers.  In an effort to help “protect” those serving us, BEK Communications awarded this grant request with a donation.

The Linton Senior Citizens Club realized a need for five new fire extinguishers for their club.  Organization members have volunteered to donate their labor for the installation of the new fire extinguishers and BEK Communications has awarded $500 towards the purchase of the fire extinguishers. 

Active Seniors of Steele, N.D. is being proactive in their efforts of preventing a fire hazard by raising funds to replace the countertops in their kitchen area with a heat resistant and flame retardant material.   BEK Communications has answered their request for a Common Cents grant by awarding them $500 towards this project. 

BEK Communications Cooperative believes that supporting community projects and organizations in the towns throughout its service area is just common sense.  The Board of Directors developed a community grant program in 2004 as a means to provide support through a structured program designed to meet the current and future needs of our communities through Community Outreach and Economic Development

Common Cents grants are awarded twice a year in January and July.