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Common Cents Invested in Local Community Projects

Posted 9/13/12 (Thu)

It takes a group effort to make enhancements and improvements in the local communities.  Volunteers donate their time and skills to repair, improve and bring new services to their communities through various organizations.  Others work with fundraising and it’s through their efforts that financial support for these worthwhile projects is achieved.

The Board of Directors of BEK Communications Cooperative is happy to announce the latest contributions made by the cooperative through its Common Cents Grant program:

Menoken Elementary School is a small rural school located 11 miles east of Bismarck.  One of its teachers, Ms. Zabel, wants her students to comfortably transition from rural school to the city once they’ve completed 8th grade at Menoken.  By offering them some of the same technical tools for learning, such as the popular iPad, she feels they will be as prepared to enter high school as their city counterparts.  She applied for a Common Cents grant from BEK Communications to help purchase a couple of iPads for her class.  BEK awarded $300 to the Menoken School for their fundraising efforts to purchase two iPads that will allow the students to be interactive and engaged while still learning the essential curriculum.

Strasburg Fire Department has been granted $500 from
BEK Communications to use towards the purchase of portable mounted scene lights.   When the fire department is called
out to an emergency, lighting is a very important tool that is
not always accessible.  Portable mounted scene lights will
make the area easier to work and also aid in the safety of the volunteers.


Wishek Ambulance Service is upgrading from an old metal
stretcher to a new high tech plastic stretcher for transporting
patients and BEK has awarded them $300 towards the purchase. 
For anyone who has ever taken a ride on a stretcher, there is a
real appreciation for comfort and security.  The new stretcher
has a concave patient surface that will provide excellent lateral
support and will minimize the movement of the patient during
lifting and transport.

Other organizations receiving support through the Common Cents grant program in July were:
Napoleon Ambulance - $500 to use towards the purchase of a digital portable radio
ND SD/Angel Air Care - $500 to help purchase a monitor defibrillator
Napoleon Care Center - $500 towards fundraising for a mini-van with ramp
Napoleon Golden Age - $200 to use towards siding on the Golden Age hall
Hazelton Development Corporation- $300 to use towards the purchase of new freezers
Wishek Public Library - $300 to use towards the purchase of a color printer
Golden Wing Club - $200 to assist with repairs, including electrical, stairs, paint, etc.
Strasburg Senior Center - $200 to use towards siding on the senior center

BEK Communications Cooperative believes that supporting community projects and organizations in the towns throughout its service area is just common sense.  The Board of Directors developed a community grant program in 2004 as a means to provide support through a structured program designed to meet the current and future needs of our communities through Community Outreach and Economic Development

Common Cents grants are awarded twice a year in January and July. The next Common Cents Grant application deadline is January 15, 2013.  More information and applications can be found at their website: