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Calix Honors BEK with 2011 Innovation Award

Posted 11/10/11 (Thu)

Calix, a leading global provider of broadband communications systems and software, has honored BEK Communications with the 2011 Calix Innovation Award.  Derrick Bulawa, CEO of BEK Communications accepted this prestigious award at the Calix User Group Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 2, 2011.

Geoff Burke, senior director of corporate marketing for Calix, presented Mr. Bulawa the innovation award.  “With over 400 service provider customers offering video services, BEK Communications and its BEK Sports package stood out as a shining example of excellence,” Burke explains.  “Local content can make a significant impact on both the community and on a service provider’s business.  BEK has not only led the charge on developing compelling local content for its own subscribers, but has successfully partnered with other companies in North Dakota to extend the reach of BEK Sports to many other communities. We congratulate the team at BEK on their innovative BEK Sports package and their continued success.”


The Calix Unified Access portfolio allows service providers, like BEK, to connect to their residential and business subscribers and deploy virtually any service over their fiber and copper-based network architectures.  BEK is reliant on the Calix broadband systems and software to provide its local TV content, the key element that earned BEK the 2011 Calix Innovation Award.


BEK Communications received this award in its inaugural year. Calix plans to continue to honor service providers annually at their User Group Conference.  To view the Calix Innovation Award video showcasing BEK’s exemplary delivery of local TV content, click here.