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BEK Holds 59th Annual Meeting

Posted 6/10/11 (Fri)

The 59th Annual Meeting of the members of BEK Communications Cooperative was held June 9, 2011, at the Kidder County Steele Public School gymnasium in Steele, North Dakota. 

There were 448 qualified registered voters registered and 752 beef meals served to the members, their families and to guests and friends attending the meeting. 

The election tellers were:
District I: Lois Gordian, Bonnie Lou Hedstrom and Bill Hansen all of Wilton
District II: Bonney Stroh of Tappen and Shirley Brusven and Kathy Benson of Steele
District III: Irene Rohrich of Strasburg and Dorothy Nicklos and Suzie Jangula of Linton
District IV: Rolland Sayler of Wishek and Marion Piatz and David Becker of Napoleon
Meg Rath of Sterling was the teller coordinator.

Incumbent directors, Sanford Williams (District I) and Doug Kalianoff (District II) were re-elected to the Board of Directors and Kevin Bernhardt was newly elected to represent District III. The winners will serve three-year terms. The voting results were reported as follows:

(Regan, Sterling, McKenzie, Wilton, Wing)

Sandford Williams, Wing (incumbent)                             33
Spoiled Ballots                                                              1
Total Ballots Cast                                                         34

(Pettibone, Tappen, Robinson, Steele, Tuttle)

Doug Kalianoff, Steele (incumbent)                                121
Spoiled Ballots                                                               1
Total Ballots Cast                                                        122

(Linton, Kintyre, Strasburg, Hazelton)
Virgil Horner, Strasburg (incumbent)                                59
Kevin Bernhardt, Linton                                                  85
Spoiled Ballots                                                               0
Total Ballots Cast                                                        144
(Lehr, Zeeland, Wishek, Napoleon)
No director election in 2011
Additionally, the BEK members voted on three proposed bylaw amendments after an explanation from BEK Communications Cooperative’s legal counsel, Rebecca Thiem. Attorney Thiem directed the members to refer to their annual report as she reviewed each of the printed versions of the proposed bylaw amendments and asked for questions. Then the members were instructed to vote. The voting results of the proposed bylaw amendments were reported as follows:
Amendment #1: Cleanup and Clarification to the Bylaws
Yes Votes                                                                              258
No Votes                                                                                 26 
Spoiled Ballots                                                                         0                                                                                                          
Amendment #1 Passed

Amendment #2: To Permit Voice Votes for Uncontested
Director Elections
Yes Votes                                                                              249
No Votes                                                                                 45 
Spoiled Ballots                                                                          6        
Amendment #2 Passed
Amendment #3: A Director May Not Have Been a Cooperative Employee for the Two Years Preceding Election as a Director
Yes Votes                                                                              217
No Votes                                                                                 52 
Spoiled Ballots                                                                          7
 Amendment # 3 Passed
President Kalianoff and CEO Derrick Bulawa both shared thoughts and gave tribute to former BEK Director Victor Baumgartner whose funeral was held earlier that day. Victor Baumgartner served as a director for District III from 1980 to 2007.
This year’s grand prize drawings were for two 32” Flat Screen LCD TV’s, a desktop computer w/ monitor and a laptop computer. The winners of the televisions were Russell & Mildred Hanson of Steele and Lydia Braun of Dawson. The winners of the computers were Pat Hieb of Steele and Christ and Mathilda Leier of Napoleon.
At the reorganization meeting following the annual membership meeting, the Board of Directors elected Doug Kalianoff to serve as President, Brett Stroh as Vice President and Sanford Williams as Secretary/Treasurer.