50th Anniversary


                     BEK Communications - 50 Years

Celebrating 50 Years of Service!

It's been said that there is no truer test than the test of time. We are excited to be celebrating a major milestone this year - BEK Communications Cooperative's 50th Anniversary. The BEK Communications story is a tale of dedication, persistence and progress that started as a dream over 50 years ago!

There was a time in North Dakota when making a simple telephone call wasn't that easy. When much of rural America was without telephone service. Long distances and poor roads separated rural people and towns, making it financially impossible to provide reasonably priced telephone service. But things changed in 1949, when the United States Congress passed an amendment to the Rural Electrification Act. The amendment offered low interest loans for the construction of rural telephone systems.

Meeting in rural schoolhouses, courthouses, or wherever they could, the farsighted farmers and ranchers who eventually formed BEK Communications began rallying support. The original Articles of Incorporation for BEK were signed on October 3, 1952.

What began as a dream in the minds of rural residents 50 years ago has evolved into a diverse, $48 million, state-of-the-art telecommunications company serving 6000 members across 5700 square miles in a six-county area.

In this 50th Anniversary year, BEK salutes and thanks its customers. YOU have made it all possible! We appreciate your patronage and are as committed as ever to ensuring that our customers benefit from all that technology offers.

BEK Communications Cooperative…. PIONEERS in the rural telecommunications industry. PARTNERS with the communities it serves. Connecting you with neighbors, friends … and the world!

BEK Communications …. It's for you!