DVD Sales

BEK Broadcasting offers DVD’s for sale of local sporting events and special BEK Life productions. You can purchase copies of the live broadcasts of your favorite games through your local high school. Now, you can also order your DVD’s online!  Choose the game DVD’s you want to purchase, choose your payment option and the DVD’s will be mailed to you.

Click on the link below to shop for BEK Sports and BEK Life DVD's online:



BEK Sports Calendar/Event Registration

Check out when your favorite team's games will be broadcast LIVE with our new BEK Sports calendar!  All broadcasts are listed there.

If you or your group has decided to participate in broadcasting games/events, you can access this calendar and register to work the different positions needed to help in the broadcast. If you want to work for an organization, you can choose the organization you wish to work for.

Click on the link below to view our BEK Sports calendar or to register to work an event:


The above upgrades can be accesed in two ways:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to and then click on the BEK Sports/BEK Life logo in the bottom left corner of the homepage.